Cleveland Browns
Game Day Poster Series (2022)  Art Direction, Illustration
A reactive season-long poster series for the Cleveland Browns to help market and advertise their weekly matchups. Originally planned to only focus on posters for home games, we expanded the series to encompass sixteen total posters across a 14-week span. At each home game, the Browns would give away 10,000 prints of the poster from that week as well as distribute online.
Week 1: Browns at Panthers | Week 2: Browns vs. Jets | Week 3: Browns vs. Steelers | Week 4: Browns at Falcons
Week 5: Browns vs. Chargers | Week 6: Browns vs. Patriots | Week 7: Browns at Ravens | Week 8: Browns vs. Bengals
Week 9: Browns at Dolphins | Week 10: Browns vs. Bills | Week 12: Browns at Texans | Week 13: Browns at Bengals
Week 14: Browns vs. Ravens | Week 15: Browns vs. Saints | Week 16: Browns at Commanders | Week 17: Browns vs. Steelers